One-Stop coffee consultancy
maximum attention to your individual project

The following services are an extract of the range of available expertise.
Services are made available by video call, at conferences, in external meetings, for company representation or at in-house consultancies.


  • crop cycles
  • best farming practices
  • processing on farm level
  • processing on wet and dry mill level

Origin Sourcing

  • procurement particulars with farmers, cooperatives, middlemen, exporters or importers
  • seasonality
  • risk management
  • quality assurance


  • legal obligations
  • documentary demands
  • independent surveying
  • payment terms


  • vessel booking and container management
  • Incoterms
  • container stuffing particulars
  • in-container moisture management

International trade

  • global supply and demand
  • price risk management
  • coffee production and consumer markets and its particulars
  • market entries and contacts


  • volume planning
  • warehousing
  • legal obligations
  • documentary demands

Quality management

  • green coffee analysis (green bean and cup quality)
  • sample and arrival management
  • quality allowances
  • storage


  • green coffee sourcing
  • machinery and equipment
  • quality control and roast profiles
  • blending and ingredients replacement

Consumer marketing

  • market research
  • branding
  • sales channels
  • consumer interaction